Held Each Year in Lido Park Droitwich

Vicarage Village Fete's History

The beginning of the traditional Vicarage Village Fete as we know it today, dates back to the 1920's rooted in the communities for locals to participate in all sorts of activities from cake making, flower arranging, best fruit vegetables, dog show and crafts to bring the whole village together.

Lido Park

John Corbett the Salt King acquired the land close to the town and opened Lido Park for the well being of the town's population. The natural rolling paths winds around the parks wildlife pool, boardwalks, woodlands, play gardeners, fishing pool and the traditional centerpiece The Bandstand.

The Lido Park Spa Pool

Originally built in the 1930s to a design by Edward Prentice Mawson featuring an art-deco style interior building. Droitwich Spa Lido is one of the UK’s last remaining inland, open-air, saltwater swimming pools. Fresh brine still today feeds the pool from the historical Brine Pump Room, located in Tower Hill.  Book a ticket for a swim online. External link opens in new tab or windowBOOKING INFO

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