Saltfest Town Festival

Each year Droitwich celebrates the Towns History of Salt.

Salt was an internationally valuable resource in Roman, Anglo Saxon and Norman Times, when King John granted Droitwich Spa a Royal Charter in 1215 based on the importance of its brine.

The town was subsequently one of the most prosperous towns in Medieval Times right through to the 20th Century.

Droitwich is unique because its natural brine springs have been exploited on an industrial scale for at least 2000 years.  Underground brine streams rise to the surface in the Salwarpe valley (Vines Park) under artesian pressure. 

The brine was collected and evaporated to make salt; at  25%  salt by volume, Droitwich brine is saltier than the Dead Sea.  (Seawater is about 3% salt.)  Droitwich brine was always, therefore, a very valuable resource and its ownership was coveted and closely guarded.